In searching for peace I had looked too far, it was right outside my door. The problem was I wasn't at the right door until now.

Now, this can mean something different to us all, depending on where you are in your journey. To me, I feel it like a deep exhale, silence, the quietness of the street, that feeling after you have done your gratitude’s or been deep in thought or meditation. I have felt it many times in my life more so when I have had no distractions and this is hard to come by trust me. I have been searching for it and manifesting it for a long time. Just that feeling of not having to worry and being in control of my own actions and thoughts. To some, this may be a regular thing that is not even a thought but for me having so many distractions in my life constantly, which are consequences of my own choices it has been hard to experience.

“In quietness, the soul expands”- Rockwell Kent

I don’t think I ever truly thought about it or appreciated the ability to spend time with one’s self. We are social beings and like to be around others all the time so having the ability to detach from all my norms has been a challenge. Challenge you say? Just go somewhere on your own and do nothing. This all comes down to perspectives. Currently peace, quiet, and tranquility look like a lone bike ride through the forest and small long windy streets near my home. Walks through grass fields adjacent to farmland, picking wild berries and admiring the wildflowers that grow by the road. The sudden sound of a harvester or tractor really elevates my senses and is profound to my ears. In comparison to only a year ago when the noise of living in a city absorbed by traffic was the norm.

In my 40’s, I have come to appreciate simplicity. I think I was always searching for it but just didn’t know what it looked like. I spent so much time planning to go somewhere and doing so much research only to arrive and look around and explore to find hidden gems. I know sometimes this is required if you want to be on time and arrive for a scheduled event but going for a slow long drive will also reveal amazing finds. Reflecting back now, I have found liberation in getting out, visiting new places just randomly looking at the map and seeing what businesses come up and exploring them further. Recently I discovered some lavender fields that just took my breath away and only a short 15min from home. Upon walking the fields I nourished my soul and appreciated the beauty that they provided to so many and how wonderful nature is if you just stop and stare. You just don’t know what is around the corner waiting for you to explore. Are you getting out there? Feed your soul and feel at peace in the most simplest form.

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