You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore – William Faulkner

There are risks in our everyday life that we take, like crossing the road, or driving a car or taking a flight. The list is endless.

It’s the risks that we don’t take that could ultimately change our lives with bated breath, I take a look at the amazing opportunities that have been presented to me; so many times I have stepped away from anything that involved me stepping out of my comfort zone and what I always believed was the norm.

As I grow and expand my mind so too must my courage to take risks,
the unknown is uncomfortable, alien to me, and grips me with fear and anxiousness thoughts creep up and whisper into my ear with threats that I cannot succeed. Not knowing what will come what to expect how it will affect me, or where it will take me next if I don’t take risks, I will never experience the chance to change.
I must learn to face my fears to build confidence and develop new skills. Be brave enough to be prepared for failure.

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore – William Faulkner

I must prioritise my passion, my yearning to accomplish great things for the chance to pursue my success, and to learn new exciting things that light me up from the inside out, to uncover and wrap the treasure that’s hidden beneath the fear of change step out of the darkness, take that leap of faith and risk everything to express who I am, and whom I was born to be.

Risk everything to make my dreams become real.

Just over3 years ago, I relocated with my children to Europe, not for a better life, but more for a chance to explore, the challenge, and the adrenaline that comes with really stepping out of your comfort. The adrenaline that came with it was awesome, it took me on such a high. It’s like I turned into the official project manager of my life, not really knowing the finer scope but having an end goal/idea in mind. In a business sense, it’s not really ideal however the ability to re-write some of your stories spontaneously really appealed to me.

I had gone to places in the depths of my thoughts, whilst reading historical non-fiction, and maybe it’s just some of these stories of adventure and passion that pushed me to face my reality and push past societal norms.
I know this is not possible for most however just being able to accomplish such a journey and to reflect on it, I feel proud of navigating the maze of complexities, the emotions that stewed when things didn’t work out, or when I had been taken advantage of due to the cultural barriers. I have repeated many steps twice simply because, and I acknowledge the journey, the lessons learnt, the emotions I faced, and how I had to really step into the now to act in my best interest.

My story has changed somewhat of why I did it and why I am here; I am starting to own it more and to be in a state of grace and awe at myself. We really do have the power to do anything, we can accomplish great things, but we have to start believing and taking action. There is always a way, and the risk is only a risk for those who don’t want to try.

Co-written By M Hamilton & C Stevens

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