The core of beauty is simplicity – Paulo Cello

I am going through a chapter of transition in my life, coming out of a lifetime of organized chaos spiraling out of control at top speed, feeling so overwhelmed inside. Clinging to the hope that one day soon it will get better, and I would be able to relax and unwind, be at peace and enjoy some quiet time alone, just me and my own company my serenity.

That one day would never come until I started to let go of everything that has held me captive inside dreams that could never happen while my life was so chaotic and full of things that did not allow my peace.

No amount of wishing, hoping or imagining can bring simplicity to you, it’s about cleansing your environment, the negativity that surrounds you, to come back to you, to strip you of all material things, to leave you naked to the universe, to open your heart and your arms to this beautiful natural world. To sit at a window and take in the beauty of all you see, to listen to music that fills and touches every space in your heart. To drink your coffee beside a warm fire, listen to the sound of crackling wood, feel the warmth on your skin, curl up in a ball, hug yourself and hear the purpose that is you’re beating heart, close your eyes in the shower feeling the water trickling on your bare skin, feeling at one with yourself connecting with your inner self deeply. Step out into the world each day, share your smile with a stranger, and take comfort and love with every smile that is returned.

Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are; it brings you back to who you are – Courtney Cava

Love is the simplest, most beautiful thing that you can hold in your heart; coming back to love is coming back to yourself Pure and Simple simplicity is bliss. It’s the ultimate spa, the quietness of your mind, the peace in your soul, to walk with the breeze of the wind and witness the magic of the birds singing to stand still, inhale and exhale, just be and breathe paradise, and know that this is simplicity in all its glory there is so much beauty in simplicity.

Written by M.Hamilton

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