I allowed the universe to guide me without making solid plans only choosing a location...

So, I took a pause, a well-deserved one.  

I haven’t had a break in months. Actually, I think it’s been a year.  

Why had I put it off so long? Well because I had other projects and was running full steam ahead. I like my breaks to be planned and to be with a purpose. It’s a time that is special to make memories, invigorate the soul, challenge myself, try new things, discover, and without too much structure. 

It wasn’t a priority for a while, and whom was I going with?  

I had had some weekends away with the family but thinking beyond that what could I do? 

What did I want to do?  

What did I want to visit? and then, spontaneously like I had manifested it or dreamt it things started happening. I made it happen. I kept saying yes, pushing myself, researching, and talking about it. 

Wow like magic, not over the top, and just what I needed. It was so refreshing slow-paced and gradual. 

I allowed the universe to guide me without making solid plans only choosing a location. 

The experience was spontaneous, just like turning a corner and stopping to soak it all in. When my sister proposed a catch-up in the south of France, I was like Yes, I can meet you there. She was like come for 3 days; I was like. No, I need more; I want to explore, relax, and not have to be in a rush and hurry. That is exactly what I did. I stretched it out, took advantage of the weather, saw family, and spent time doing not much but a lot. 

When was the last time you just had that break away from your normal and just took a spontaneous trip somewhere to catch up, make memories, and have a good laugh? It doesn’t matter where you go; it matters that you take a break and allow your soul to recharge by doing whatever that may be for you. 

Overall this time for me it was an experience I had with my youngest daughter who proved to me how important it is to spend time with your children not always together but sometimes individually. We had endless conversations, read, ordered meals, challenged ourselves with a language barrier, and had to work out trains, trams, and food options without full internet coverage. This was a challenge but a good one, allowing ourselves to be off the grid a little and to have to organize our meeting places and options. 

Seeing my sister and her family after 3 years defined what family is and that if there is love, time and distance don’t matter. It is the effort you make to stay connected that keeps you bonded. We picked up exactly where we left off and it was like no time had passed. Hotel room chats with laughter whilst jet lagged made it all the more fun and we realized how tolerant and patient we were with our children, how much they had grown and how similar our parenting styles were. 

Reflecting on this adventure, it is invigorating to share precious memories with loved ones, travel, explore, and take time out from your busy life to breathe, pause, and regroup to grow internally. If you have that opportunity to pause, take it and breathe. What a blessing xx 

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  1. What a beautiful time and place to pause and reconnect🫶🏼I loved seeing you, face to face! A priceless experience and memories made xxx til next time💓

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