Dear universe, it’s me  

Windows all around me and I stare into the sky, 

There’s a World that’s  full of wonder,  

I watch the world go by the cars, the trains, the people are so busy with their day, 

I close my eyes and take a breath and whisper as I pray. 

To the Mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders – Lao Tzu 

Dear universe, it’s me again, 

I need your guidance please; allow me to embrace all the things you send to me, to feel my peace and whole again, and finally be set free.  

Please take my hand and lead me to that very special place where love surrounds me and puts a smile back on my face, a place of love and laughter, a place where I can be happy ever after and fall in love with me. 

Come and sit just for a while, in the silence that my soul craves, just the rustling sound of leaves or the rippling of the waves, the clouds gently passing by, the sun against my skin, come and sit here by my side as I take the silence in. 

Dear Universe, it’s me again, 

Thank you for your time and for teaching me to sync with my body, soul, and mind. 

By Mandy Hamilton 

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