Forgiveness paves the way for a new way of being - Jen Delaney


Seduction runs  

rampant for me 

Obstacles exist to show me a new way  

Forgiveness paves the way for a new way of being  

Touched by choices, I choose me 



Better things are coming my way.  

Realistic yet ready for change,  

I remain I eat the right food in the right amount in the right time in my right mind  

Going slower I got farther ahead one day at a time  

Heartfelt and happy I wish to feel  

Today is my day, let’s seal the deal  



Getting the best of me and gutting me from the inside out. 

Running from you yet I have no place to go 

I would do anything to be free from the pain you cause mem 

Ebb and flow why can’t you just go 

Finding new ways to create the best version of me, I allow my feelings to set me free. 



Shifting my unsteady ways happens at a slow and steady pace.  

Hungry to make peace with the past I let go of dis-ease.  

I use my skills and support to weather the weight of overwhelm  

Fuelled with game-changing nutrition and gratitude,  

I regain the parts of me I had lost. The transformation unfolds now and naturally spirals out. 



Touchable, teachable, trustworthy am I  

Ready to embrace 2023 and enjoy the ride  

Acting as if I matter makes a lot of sense  

Nodding, yes to the suspense of my best life yet  

Slow and steady I can feel my stride lengthen  

Forgiving myself first I thrive at this vibration  

Opening my doors to a new way of being  

Recovering the parts of me that I thought I had lost  

Mastering the meanings I assign to my life moves me closer to the profound peace I have always sought


Written by Jen Delaney

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