Help is my word - Jen Delaney

Help is my word 

Heavy in remorse, shame, and blame 

Eager to be free from the habits that leave me lost and longing 

Leaning in and letting go are my salvation 

Powerfully patient I must be 


I am a gentle being 

I am grateful for goodness, 

Big and small 

I personally need to write affirmations for myself Every Day….. 

I am warm, welcoming and willing with everyone, no matter what. 

I’m on my way to a better day. 

I am open and opportunistic with every problem that presents. 

I am lifted up by my own self-love. 

I’m happy when I pause and sit still.  

I am a beautiful soul that is meant to bloom and grow. 

I’m comfortable without reaching for comfort. 

I respect those that have walked away and redirected Me. 

I’m energized by my own stride. 

I naturally seek support when I want to bolt. 

I am rooting for me. 

I am calm and content with unsettled weather.  

I will achieve my dreams in 2023, just watch me. 

I’m still OK. 

I know there’s hope and happiness inside of me. 

I am warm, willing and welcoming with everyone. 

I adjust my expectations before I proceed. 

I no longer chase people to validate me. 

I am. 

I deserve to forgive myself and forge head. 

I embrace confrontation as a chance to strengthen me . 

I am blessed beyond belief. 

I choose which emotions linger inside of Me. 

I’m strategic and skilled with every patient success . 

My health is happening for me. 

It feels good to let my gut rest and digest every day. 

I am patient with my pace. 

I’m committed to reinventing me. 

I am comfortable sitting still & letting my discomfort unfold. 

I like my yielding yes to life vibe. 

I choose self esteem over self •pity every day. 

I am open in all ways. 

I will lay my head to rest with self respect if it’s the last thing I ever do. 

I will achieve my dreams in 2023, just watch me. 

I am getting better and better at getting better. 

I get behind my emotions and I use them wisely. 

I have everything I need to succeed inside of me. 

I am proactive and prospering because of it. 

I’m happy with my heart. 

I’m fired up and forging ahead with the best version of me. 

I say no to the kid and watch my Body win. 

There’s always a door opening for me. 

I am worthy of a magical meaningful life. 

I consistently make the time to market my work. 

I am proud to be seen as me. 

I am patient and kind with myself and others. 

I get my kicks without a fix

I’m designed to thrive! 

I am flexible and forgiving no matter what. 

I detach with neutrality 

I’m super healthy!

I’m powerfully peaceful.

I am committed to pausing, praying, and walking away unscathed. 

I embrace every chance I get to keep myself safe. 

I am Satiated & Steadfast in my journey here and now. 

I will achieve my dreams in 2023, just watch me. 

Written by Jen Delaney 

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